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Daniel Tosh hair regrowth

Daniel Tosh Hair regrowth

When Daniel Tosh decided that he wanted his hair back some of his friends thought it was a joke, well he is a comedian after all, but he did it. Much to the surprise of everyone Daniel Tosh announced his new look on the set of Comedy Central's “Tosh.0” and people were shocked, and you will see why in these photos, they show the amazing job done. Many people are speculating about what procedure he has gone through, but whatever he has done, it has taken years off him and he looks great with that nice thick full hair.



Seeing the video of Daniel Tosh above you can see that his hair looks so natural that most people thought it just cannot be a wig but that would be actually his hair instead. Others just couldn't believe their eyes when they first saw this before and after picture of Daniel Tosh with his new look. If you have seen pictures of Daniel Tosh’ hair before his complete transformation you would know, were he came from. Tosh’ hair was thinning, he had patchy spots…it was obvious that Daniel Tosh would become bald very soon and it was only a matter of time. So, how did he get his crown back? Well, let’s take a deeper look into it and find out about Daniel Tosh’s secret hair transformation.

Did Daniel Tosh get a hair transplant?

Daniel Tosh


After looking at these photos, some of you might think that Daniel Tosh had a hair transplant but this might not be the case, well, for different reasons.

If you have been following hair procedures and celebrities that have gone through them you know that hair transplants are very expensive and they can be successful in some cases but even after multiple procedures it's possible for tons of hair to still fall out after each one.

However, if Daniel Tosh did indeed have a hair transplant then he would probably have gone to someone like Dr Baubac Hayatdavoudi ,Dr. Ziering or Dr. Alvi Armani who are all -you guessed it right- Beverley hills based Hair Transplant Physicians with many celebrity clients including big names such as Perez Hilton, Eric Dean and Simon Dorey.                           

Daniel Tosh Before and After Photos (with new look)

When did Daniel Tosh start balding?

Nobody knows exactly when it started happening but the age that men start to go bald varies, a study by the University of Pennsylvania showed that Caucasian men like Daniel Tosh start going bald at an average age of 35. Well if you have seen Tosh.0 which was released in 2009, you might have noticed that his receding line was pretty apparent along with some bald spots.

This is why if you look at other photos of Daniel Tosh, you can see he might have started losing his hair around that age and now he looks so much younger again.

Daniel Tosh hair loss related infographic

How did Daniel Tosh cure his baldness?

Well it could have been one or a combination, take propecia for example which is a medication that treats male pattern hair loss by blocking the formation of Dihydrotestosterone or DHT which is a key cause of hair loss in most men.                     

However, for some people propecia can also be associated with side effects, another treatment Tosh could have considered is minoxidil which is a topical treatment that once applied directly to the scalp helps to regrow new hair.

It is also a factor in the fight against male pattern baldness but unfortunately, it's not as effective as propecia which stops DHT from attacking your hair follicles in the first place.

The best thing about minoxidil is that it doesn't have any major side effects, you might experience slight itching of your scalp and in some cases there can be minor skin irritation but it hasn't been known to cause any serious problems.

There is also a possibility for PRP which stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, this one is a relatively newly adopted method for hair loss, it's a process in which your blood is taken out of your body and put into a centrifuge to separate the platelets. Your PRP is then injected back into your scalp where you hair follicles are and that helps to rejuvenate your hair.

However this one is pretty expensive and not that many people know about it...

We speculate Daniel Tosh found out about PRP for example through some of his friends in the world of showbiz who have used this technique.

We can't be exactly sure how Daniel Tosh managed to reverse his baldness but we do know for sure that he does look amazing again!

Why did Daniel Tosh decide to get his hair back?

It's a tough question to answer, but if we had to take a guess at this one we would say it was probably due to his career.

Daniel Tosh is in showbiz and even though he doesn't have many scenes where you see him with a full head of hair, when you watch the videos online of some of his stand up shows you can see that he has a receding hairline and lots of bald spots.

Daniel Tosh is an actor as well, when you watch the second movie he did called The Love Guru you can see that he has a little bit more hair but for a man in his late 30's/early 40's, it's not enough.

Daniel Tosh is also known to be the host of a very successful show called Tosh.0 which has been running since 2009 and even though he doesn't have that many scenes on screen, it would look a lot better if he had a full head of hair and his hairline was in tact.

The best thing that could happen to Daniel Tosh is that he discovered PRP treatment which has been known to work for other celebrities like Tiger Woods, Alex Rodriguez or even Amit Mistry.

Aftermath of Daniel Tosh' hair restoration!

Celebrities that have undergone similar procedures have had to go through a period where they wear wigs or hair pieces until their hair has regrown fully.

It could've taken months or even a year for Daniel to feel confident enough that his hair looks great enough to get back on stage. His audience has definitely seen a difference and it looks as though he has received a lot of compliments about the way he looks now, this was probably one of Daniel Tosh's most important motives to get his hair back.

Daniel Tosh and his new look is a major talking point, no one knows for sure what he has done but there are lots of possibilities as to what he might have chosen for hair restoration. We will probably never know!

As Daniel Tosh is a comedian and likes to joke a lot about his personal life, he did make some hints as to what procedures he may have chosen, but nobody takes that seriously anyway.


Daniel Tosh hair loss potential treatments

If you are interested in knowing more in detail about what some methods Daniel Tosh might have undergone, you can see if the following work for you, keep in mind that some of these have some nasty side effects that you should be aware of:

  • Minoxidil - This is a topical solution which you apply daily to your hairline and it does help to regrow some of your hair. It can cause scalp irritation and serious allergic reactions.
  • PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma -  is a relatively new treatment which has been known to help regrow some of your hair or at least slow down the balding process. It's pretty expensive but not many people know about it.
  • Saw Palmetto 160mg - Saw palmetto is thought to be able to block an enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT and reduces male pattern baldness. DHT stands for dihydrotestosterone which is the hormone responsible for male pattern baldness.
  • Finasteride - This is a pill that you take on a daily basis and it helps to reduce DHT levels in your body, but this type of medication comes with side effects that include impotence, decreased sex drive and even depression.
  • Hair transplants - A hair transplant is the most invasive type of procedure and it could cost you thousands of dollars to get a full head of hair.
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) - This is a relatively new hair restoration procedure and it's also known as "Neograft" or "Strip Method".
  • Robotic Assisted FUE - This treatment uses advanced technology to extract hair follicles one by one and transplanted them on the regions of your scalp where you have lost hair. It has helped many people get rid of their baldness problems.
  • Hair thickening shampoo - If you want thicker-looking hair but don't want to go through a complete transformation, then there are some shampoos on the market that can help give some volume and thickness without using harmful chemicals.

At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter what procedures Daniel Tosh has had, because they have clearly worked for him and he now looks amazing and given that he is a comedian and on the set of a TV show most of the time, his new look is going to be a very big talking point.

So what do you think about Daniel Tosh's new look?

Is he just wearing nicer clothes and styling his hair differently or has he had a surgical procedure?

Let us know your thoughts and please share this post with your friends and family. Thank you!

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