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Need Help With Orders? Call +1 (832) 263-2618

Monoprice HPDB68 LVD M-M SCSI Cable , Screw - 6ft - 780


HPDB68 LVD M/M SCSI Cable , Screw - 6ft

Monoprice brings you a wide assortment of classic SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) cables for your legacy storage devices. SCSI was once the de facto standard for high performance systems due to it's faster transfer rates and versatility over the more standard ATA interface. Unfortunately, do to it's popularity and failure to standardize on a single connector type, a wide variety of cable types exist. We carry cables for many of the most popular configurations.
This is a Low Voltage Differential (LVD) cable with 68pin High Pitch D Subminiature HPDB68 connectors.

  • This Data Transfer Cable provides splendid performance and clear connectivity
  • Features SCSI cable type
  • 1 x 68-pin DB-68 Male SCSI offers a secure and reliable connection with a compatible hard drive